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Visual Art


Elysian Vision

About the Artist: Riddhi, also known as Elysian Vision is a graphic designer and a digital artist based in Dubai, UAE. At the age of 20, she graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design in 2020. She began creating dreamy, surreal visuals through Photoshop and started to put them up on social media under the name of Elysian Vision. Elysian means ‘heavenly’ and ‘blissfulness'. As the name suggests, her aim is to make the audience feel bliss, peace and calm when looking at her creations. She explores the themes of the subconscious mind, dreams, nostalgia and the cosmos in her art. Her artwork is a window into the different universes she always dreamed of living in. She wishes to take the audience on a journey to realities where worries do not exist and where everyone lives in peace, amongst the stars.


About Reflection: "'Reflection' shows a lady looking at her own reflection in the mirror and finding the beauty in it. It depicts that our outer world is merely just a 'reflection' of our inner world. What we feel like internally is what our external world reflects back to us. In this piece, she is dreaming and sees herself as a glowing beautiful white flower – a symbol of purity, hope, and harmony that she wishes to see in the external world around her."

Artist Statement: "I create surreal digital collage artworks through photo manipulation using Photoshop. I find that the world that we live in can be quite chaotic and destructive at times. Through my art, I try to create visuals and places that can bring a sense of peace, harmony and beauty to the viewer. I try to explore the themes of dreams, nostalgia, the cosmos, and the subconscious mind in my art. I love the idea of creating unusual and dreamlike visuals out of the mundane scenarios of life. Creating such pieces helps me in making ordinary situations of life much more interesting and helps me look at them from a different perspective. My artwork is a window into the different universes I always dreamed of living in and everyone is welcome to take a look inside and be a part of the worlds of my imagination. I wish to take the audience on a journey to the subconscious, realities where worries do not exist, where everyone lives in peace, amongst the stars, in a world where we only relax and get lost in our dreams."