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My chin on your shoulder and my voice in your ear

by Leemore Malka

I was always the red one :
Red Starburst, red Jolly Rancher,
steal the bag of jellybeans
eat all the red ones
then and there,
throw the rest in the bushes,
feel no remorse. And I still don’t.

No one knows how to talk about the following:
Sex, their body, their grief
or why they want and need quiet.
I’m so fucked on need, I’m not sure how I’m standing up.
It makes me laugh, how I listen to the same songs as always,
how I sniff out the same boys like a dog,
how I close my eyes when I taste something sweet,
or else look it right in the face.

Leemore is a poet, actress, singer and playwright. She is equal parts fifth generation native New Yorker and Israeli Moroccan kibbutznikit. She's a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and she's been a regular at Spoken Word Paris at Culture Rapide in Belleville and Easy Paradise at the great KGB Bar on East 4th Street. She loves surfing, the New York Times' Spelling Bee puzzle and sleeping in. IG :: @blueblackgolden

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